fermacell Powerpanel H2O

fermacell Powerpanel H2O

fermacell Powerpanel H2O is the water resistant construction board for walls, floors and ceilings. It has been specifically developed for use in rooms where there are damp conditions. Domestically, this includes wet rooms, bathrooms, showers, toilets and kitchens. Commercially, this includes hospitals, hotels, laundries, leisure and sport centres and swimming pools.


  • fermacell Powerpanel H2O Walls & Ceilings

    Can be fixed quickly and economically to metal or timber studwork. Imprevious to water.

    • Range of board sizes up to 3 m
    • Easy to fix and cut
    • Fixed to metal or timber stud
    • Tough and hard wearing
    • Edges bonded with Jointstik adhesive
    • No pre-drilling needed
    • Ideal surface for tiling
    • Used to back log burning / solid fuel stoves
    • Heat resistant up to 200 degrees Centegrade
  • fermacell Powerpanel H2O Flooring

    Is an addition to our flooring range enabling the complete waterpoof construction of wet areas including preformed drainage and shower tray outlets.

    • Dry screed flooring system
    • No specialist trades required
    • Ready to use in less than 24 hours
    • Shower tray profiles available
    • Provides full waterproof solution when used with fermacell Powerpanel H2O Boards
  • Waterproofing System

    To be used with fermacell Powerpanel H2O where a complete tanked waterproofed system is required.

    • Impermeable to water
    • Free of solvents and softening agents
    • Quick drying time of 2 to 3 hours
    • Superior adhesive strength and excellent crack resistance
    • Compatible with tile adhesives, solvent free coatings and sealants
    • Full tanked system
  • Key advantages

  • Approvals

    Building inspectorate approval


    Construction material to DIN EN 13501-1

    Non-flammable, A1

  • Dimensional tolerances at constant humidity for standard board sizes

    Board thickness

    12.5 mm

    Length, width

    ± 1 mm

    Diagonal difference

    ≤ 2 mm

    Thickness tolerance

    ± 0.5 mm

    Board sizes

    1000 x 1250 mm
    2000 x 1250 mm
    2600 x 1250 mm
    3010 x 1250 mm*

    *Delivery time on request, may be cut to size

  • Characteristic values


    ~ 1000 kg/m³

    Weight per unit area

    ~ 13 kg/ m²

    Moisture equilibrium

    ~ 5 %

    Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient

    μ = 56

    Thermal conductivity (to DIN EN 12664)

    λ10,tr = 0.17 W/mK

    Thermal resistance (to DIN EN 12664)

    R10,tr = 0.07 m²K/W

    Specific heat capacity

    cp =1000 J/ (kgK)

    Flexural strength

    ≥ 6.0 N/mm²

    Modulus of elasticity in bending

    ~ 6000 N/mm²


    ~ 10

    Relative change in length (to EN 318)

    0.15 mm/m*
    0.10 mm/m**

    * Betw. 30 % and 65 % r.h.
    * Betw. 65 % and 85 % r.h.

    For further data and information please refer to the European Technical Approval ETA-07/0087.