fermacell Powerpanel HD

fermacell Powerpanel HD

The cement-bonded construction panels with exceptional resistance for both inside and outside.

Our fermacell Powerpanel product family is used wherever building materials are exposed to considerable strain – particularly from water or mechanical stress, in interior construction, on exterior facades, or in industrial applications. Cement-bonded panels, optionally reinforced with a glass fibre mesh, create the required strength. Thanks to the individual formulations, these panels can be given very specific properties for special applications.


  • Approvals

    European Technical Approval


    General Building Approval


    Building material class pursuant to DIN EN 13501-1

    Non-combustible, A1

    IMO FTPC part 1


    Component classification

    National / European

  • Dimensional tolerances at constant humidity for standard board sizes

    Board thickness

    15 mm

    Length, width, thickness

    ± 1 mm

    Diagonal difference

    ≤ 2 mm

    Board formats

    1000 x 1250 mm
    2600 x 1250 mm
    3000 x 1250 mm

  • Characteristic values

    Gross density

    950 ± 100 kg/m³

    Surface weight

    approx. 15 kg/m²

    Balancing humidity

    approx. 7 %

    Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient

    μ = 40 *

    Thermal conductivity λ10,tr (in acc. with DIN EN 12664)

    0.30 W/mK

    * Powerpanel HD incl. tested HD joint technology and plaster system.
    Further data and information concerning strength values can be found in the
    European Technical Approval ETA-13/0609 or General Building Approval Z-31.1-176