fermacell Flooring Elements

fermacell flooring element

Besides panels for wall and ceiling linings, fermacell also offers top-quality flooring elements that fulfil a variety of floor requirements with their different systems configurations.

fermacell flooring systems are designed for use as floating floors in a wide variety of applications. Manufactured from fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards or fermacell Powerpanel H2O, they give a dry, robust, and simple solution for your flooring requirements.

fermacell Flooring Elements consist of two 10 mm or 12.5 mm thick fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards glued together. The two boards are offset from one another, so that there is a 50 mm wide rabbeted edge. The element dimensions are 1500 × 500 mm (with 0.75 m² surface area). fermacell Flooring Elements are available with and without different insulation linings. The elements are laid as a floating installation “in succession”.


  • Application areas

    Used in conjunction with fermacell to the ceiling, the flooring elements provide a wide variety of solutions as a complete floor/ceiling specification. There are five main areas of use for fermacell flooring, and the constructions vary slightly according to the specific application.

    All systems share the same basic technology, which involves a continuous floating membrane that can be installed and used within 24 hours, and which is ready to accept a wide range of floor finishes.

    • Improving acoustic insulation: fermacell Flooring Elements types 2 E 31 and 2 E 32
    • Floor heating: fermacell Flooring Element type 2 E 22
    • Levelling uneven floors: a range of solutions is available from 0–2,000 mm
    • Improving thermal insulation: fermacell Flooring Elements types 2 E 13 and 2 E 14
    • Wet room floors: fermacell Powerpanel TE
  • Key advantages

  • Approvals

    Building inspectorate approval

    ETA 03/0006

    Construction material to DIN EN 13501-1

    Non-flammable, A2

  • Characteristic values

    Gross Density

    1150 ± 50 kg/m³

    Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient

    μ =13

    Thermal conductivity

    λ = 0.32 W/mK

    Specific heat capacity

    c = 1.1 kJ/kgK

    Brinell hardness

    30 N/mm²

    Swelling of thickness of 24 h immersion in water

    < 2%

    Coefficient of thermal expansion

    0.001 %/K

    Expansion / Shrinkage in response to 30 % change in relative humidity (20 ºC)

    0.25 mm/m

    Moisture content at 65 % relative humidity and 20 ºC air temperature

    1.3 %

    pH value

    7 – 8

    For further data and information please refer to the European Technical Approval ETA-03/0006.