Casa ZII, Paratico (Brescia), Italy

The dwelling is situated in a built-up area directly overlooking the shores of Lake Iseo. The architectural composition consists of the superimposing of simple volumes: three regular parallelepipeds destined for the living areas are superimposed on a fourth reinforced concrete structure with a fair-face finish that is intended for the garage. All the dimensions respect rigorous geometrical ratios in the plan view and in elevation creating a marked sense of harmony for the viewer. Each structural space comprising the building is placed at a different height and is intended to be used for a specific purpose. The intention of the designers, architects Paola Belussi and David Moriggia, was to create a clear correlation between the exterior and the internal organisation of each level.


  • Project completed in 2012
  • 350 m² fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard / 240 m² fermacell Powerpanel HD